What is your jewelry made from?

All our products are made from 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel. Some products have a Gold finish option. 14K products are plated with Rhodium, while 18K products are plated with real 18K yellow gold. We use a high quality electroplating process that means it doesn't rub or flake away easily.

I have sensitive skin. What are your recommendations?

316L stainless steel is considered low reaction, with minimum nickel content. For peace of mind, customers sensitive to nickel can pick a product that's finished with 14K or 18K Gold, as these don't react.

Care instructions

It's fine to get our jewelry wet! Wear it in the shower or while swimming, just make sure to dry it afterwards!

If the item becomes dirty or tarnishes in some way, clean it using plain soap and water - drying with a soft cloth.

Before storing the item, make sure it's fully dry and is not stored in a moist environment. When storing, avoid storing it mixed amongst other jewelry, as the tarnish on those pieces may spread and damage the item.

While wearing, avoid exposure to chemicals (including cleaning agents), and avoid wearing in environments where the item may be knocked.

What is your production time?

Each piece is made to order by hand, and there is always a small chance that production may take longer. Message card products usually ship in 2-3 business days. Personalized products like watches, engraving and photo jewelry take at least 3-5 days for manufacturing and customization. Once shipped, orders usually arrive in 2-8 business days within the continental U.S. 

Keep in mind these are estimates only and there may be delays that are out of control, especially during busy seasons (such as the holidays), as courier delivery times may vary due to inclement weather.

What is your refund and exchange policy?

All items are made to order, and we generally do not accept returns/refunds or exchanges for items we fulfill.

If there is a problem with the production of the order, send us a photo of the issue. We are able to remedy issues with manufacturing, production related damage/defects, or if the wrong item was received.